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Medical and Fitness Applications

As the healthcare industry rapidly evolves, your ability to design smart, connected and secure IoT-enabled medical devices is critical. As an experienced medical supplier, Microchip can help you meet these design requirements quickly. We’ve helped medical companies design and manufacture clinical, wearable, implantable and life-critical medical devices for many years. Not only do we have a comprehensive product portfolio, but we lower design barriers with our easy-to-use tools, software and design files. Microchip can also significantly lighten your regulatory burden by providing product with an unmatched history of long product lifecycles to remove the risk of forced redesigns and recertifications, along with our world-class global support and our relentless commitment to quality.

How Can We Help You?


We are here to support you. Contact our Client Success Team to get assistance with your medical design.

Start Your Medical Design Today

Microchip’s total system solution approach will help you create differentiated designs for all medical device class types, including FDA class 1, 2 and 3, while lowering the cost and risk often associated with innovation. Select your area of interest below and get started with design files, demos and more.

Bring Your Next Medical Device to the Cloud

Tools to Secure and Connect Your IoT Medical Device Design

Give your next Internet of Things (IoT) medical device design a head start by using the design files from one of our many medical demo designs as a foundation to build your own product. Pairing these demo design files with one of our IoT development boards provides you with a complete roadmap and testing ground to get your device up and running in no time. Here are a few examples:

Looking for inspiration?

Learn more about the challenges faced by designers in the medical industry and how Microchip can help you address them in our Medical Design Brochure.


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Resources for Medical Device Designers

Microchip not only offers reliable parts, but we also provide solutions to address the bigger technology challenges that you face for your next-generation medical device designs. 

Medical Video Channel